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Millville, Massachusetts



The Chestnut Street Meeting House and Cemetery Association
is a non-profit organization exempt from Federal Income Tax
under Section 501 C 13 of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Association was founded on
May 15, 1896
under the
Massachusetts Legislature Acts of 1896, Chapter 399.

The purpose of the Association described in the Act is
to care for the 1769 Chestnut Hill Meeting House and
its two cemeteries.  One of the cemeteries contains
about one-half acre located between
Chestnut Hill Road and Main Street near the
village of Millville with the entrance being on the Main Street side
and the second cemetery is co-located with the Meeting House.

The current Association Officers are:

Lincoln Barber, III, President
Margaret Carroll, Vice President
Leo Gauthier, Secretary
Lois Baldiga, Treasurer

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If you would like to be considered for membership in the
Chestnut Street Meetinghouse and Cemetery Association,
please contact the Association's President,
Lincoln Barber, III, at
(508) 883-6383
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